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6 Reasons Background Checks Are Essential

CheckPoint HR, LLC, has released a list of reasons employers should make background checks a standard practice in their hiring process.

"By hiring a new employee, you are entrusting them with your company and your clients," said Michelle Moylan, HR Specialist for CheckPoint HR. "Therefore it's your corporate responsibility to ensure a safe work environment and protect your company's assets"

CheckPoint HR's list follows:

Applicant Verification Increases Quality of Hire

Unfortunately, most applicants are not always truthful on job applications and resumes. Common fallacies include fabricating skills and educational experience, excluding negative information or fudging dates. Taking the extra step of running a complete employee background check provides an opportunity to validate the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate that could otherwise not be evaluated in an interview.

Avoid Workplace Theft and Violence

Uncovering a potential employee's legal history can help companies identify those that may be at risk of engaging in violence and theft, both of which are on the rise in the workplace. According to a 2006 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), almost half of employers with over 1,000 employees reported an incident of workplace violence in the previous year. A background check can reveal an employee's criminal history that may have been excluded on a resume, helping companies avoid dreadful legal issues and monetary losses in the future.

Don't Go to Court

Organizations are held legally responsible for negligent hiring. Unfortunately, it's become fairly common for a company to find themselves facing legal issues, so it is very important for a company to conduct a thorough screening process of all employees to mitigate legal risk. Legal trouble can result from serious offenses such as identity theft, data and financial breaches, to an invalid employee driver's licenses, etc.

Reduce Turnover and Discipline Issues

Relying solely on a resume and an interview can lead to the hiring of a substandard or high risk candidate. Taking the extra steps to ensure the most capable candidates are selected will lower the turnover rates and decrease discipline issues Also, diving deeper into a candidate's employment history can help companies avoid hiring employees that have an unstable work history.

Create a More Productive Office

Running a background check reflects corporate responsibility and discourages dishonest behavior with applicants. Background checks also show current employees and clients you are willing to take the extra steps and time to ensure you bring the best employees into the company. This act shows employees you have their best interest in mind and seek to provide them with the most qualified co-workers. A satisfied and competent employee pool creates a more stable and successful work environment.

Not Just for New Hires or Pre-Employment

Organizations can develop and execute company policies that support ongoing evaluations for existing employees based on tenure, promotions, security, etc. in order to reduce risk. It's important to note that employee acknowledgment and consent should always be required.


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