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Who Wants to Keep Their Job?

A recent survey identified which industries have the greatest percentage of workers who would prefer to remain with their current employer. The survey, conducted among 3,342 employees by global consultants BlessingWhite asked the following question: "Assuming you have a choice, do you plan to remain with your organization through the 2008 year?"

The survey found that those in the "Energy/utilities" industry were most likely to respond "Yes, definitely" to this question, as 73 percent indicated that they'd prefer to remain with their current employer. Those in the "Retail/hospitality/travel" industry were least likely to say that they would "definitely" want to stay put, with less than half (48 percent) expressing such a desire. Meanwhile (of interest many readers in our audience) 60 percent of those in the "HR consulting or training" industry said they would definitely like to remain where they are, given a choice.

Here's how other industries stacked up in terms of percentage of employees who expressed that they would definitely prefer to stay with their organization for the rest of the year:

  Insurance 69%

  Consumer products 68%

  Banking/financial services 65%

  Pharmaceuticals or biotech 63%

  Government 62%

  Academia/higher education 61%

  Chemicals/manufacturing 61%

  Transportation 58%

  Legal or business services 55%

  Technology 54%

  Healthcare 54%

  Communications/media 50% 

"We probe intent to stay or leave, since it correlates so strongly with employee engagement. In North America we find that engaged employees are three times as likely as their disengaged co-workers to say they'll stick around," BlessingWhite CEO Christopher Rice said in a press release announcing the survey results. "Of course, organizations want to maximize each person's contribution, but they have to see that people need to find purpose and satisfaction in their work."


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