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Google Top Choice for MBA Students

MBA students have chosen Google as their most ideal employer for the second year in a row in a survey by Universum.

The survey found that the top 5 choices for MBA students are: Google (23.65 percent of respondents) McKinsey & Company's (15.84 percent) Goldman Sachs (14.98 percent) Apple (13.68 percent) The Boston Consulting Group (12.12 percent).

"Smart MBAs know where they want to be in 5-10 years," says Claudia Tattanelli, CEO of Universum USA . "They look to strong companies like Google, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs to give them the experience and references needed to lay the path for their future career success, even with threats of a recession. At the same time, as true Millennials, they chose organizations that will offer a flexible and fun work environment, innovation, and a good work/life balance."

This year, 5,769 students from 52 MBA programs participated in the survey. The survey found that management consulting (30 percent) remains the desired industry, followed by financial services (19 percent), marketing/advertising (13 percent), consumer goods (12 percent), and investment banking (8 percent)--which dropped from 12 percent in 2007. As for salary expectations, MBA students anticipate, on average, a $90,232 salary one year after graduating and $180,030 after five years.


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