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Demand for HR Execs on the Rise as Economy Slows

Demand for human resource executives is on the rise, according to a report by JobFox. Human resource executives are now the 25th most wanted profession, according to the Jobfox rankings report for June. Recruiting/staffing professionals ranked 24th--the second-consecutive month that recruiters have held this position.

"There are still many bright spots, even in the face of an uncertain economy," says Rob McGovern, CEO of Jobfox. "Most companies continue to place a premium on the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals. There will be layoffs, but most companies are depending on human resource managers to keep talent losses to a minimum. And many companies continue to aggressively seek new sources of talent from their recruiters."


The 10 most wanted professions include:

Software design/development

Sales representative/business development

Accounting/finance executive



Networking/system administration

Counseling/social work

Business analysis

Software Implementation

Mechanical Engineering


The June 2008 rankings were derived from a stratified random sample of more than 4,000 U.S. job openings from the Jobfox database during a 120-day period ending March 24, 2008. In total, Jobfox identified more than 150 distinct professions for which employers were seeking candidates during the period.


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