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Ten Biggest Telecommuting Mistakes

As gas prices hit record highs and worries rise about the prospect of gas at over $5 a gallon, companies can expect to face increased pressure to consider telecommuting. But before they do, Karol Rose, author of five books on human resources issues and an executive with a Web-based provider of workplace flexibility solutions, warns both individuals and companies to avoid the following mistakes.

Top Employee Mistakes According to Rose, the five biggest telecommuting mistakes employees can make are: Don't set boundaries for themselves regarding work and personal responsibilities Don't find ways to stay physically connected to the workplace and colleagues Think they can work the same way remotely as they did in the office Underestimate the need to communicate frequently with boss regarding what's working/not working so can be proactive Don't do enough problem solving regarding 'what if' scenarios before they begin telecommuting

Top Five Employer Mistakes And according to Rose, the top five mistakes companies can make are: Think it's not already happening Think it's harder than it is Assume if "I can't see you, you must not be working" Fail to understand telecommuting may require a blend of off-site and in-office face time View telecommuting only as an employee benefit; fail to see how telecommuting can benefit the business by meeting customer needs across time zones or save the company utility, real estate, and other overhead costs

"Done right with proper planning and processes, telecommuting can do more than ease pain at the pump," says Rose. "Avoid road bumps by using telecommuting as a strategic route to long-term benefits instead of a short-term detour."


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